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Doug Coleman
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

If our church were sending a missionary to a hard place, say, like Central Asia, we would want to make sure that missionary was trained for ministry, wouldn't we? Well, of course our church helps support thousands of missionaries all around the world, serving in many nations and speaking many languages. Because training them is a big task - and more than one church can do alone - we share expenses with other Baptist churches like ours across the country. Seminary training for missionaries and pastors is one of the many ministries our church supports through the Cooperative Program. This is how we're supporting more than 18,000 students in our six seminaries.

One of those missionaries we'll call Doug Coleman. He attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He studied the Bible, of course, but he also studied church planting.

Now Doug is putting that training to use in Central Asia. It takes a long time for people there to come to faith in Christ. Doug worked with one man named Berat for years, sharing his own faith and what the Bible says.

One day Berat, texted him: "By the way - bring me a Bible tomorrow." When Doug asked why, Berat said he had decided to follow Jesus!

Did our church help that decision to happen? Yes we did! We helped train Doug for serving overseas and we help support him while he does so. So let's thank the Lord for His faithfulness and let's pray for his safety in the years ahead. And let's ask God to use Berat for great things in the Kingdom!

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