In All Things Pray

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Jeff & Barbara Singerman
Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo

Today we are going to Africa, to the country called the
Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a country that
has had years of war and still has many problems.
It is a hard and dangerous place to serve.

That's why we won't use the real names of our missionaries
we are going to pray for today. We'll call them Jeff and
Barbara. But we're also going to think about Benin, a
country in West Africa where Jeff and Barbara served
for 24 years before transferring to the Congo.

In 2018 Jeff and Barbara were in a car accident in the
Congo that left them severely injured. When the Baptists
back in Benin heard what had happened to their beloved
missionaries, they united as never before to pray for
them and to take up an offering. The offering was not
for Jeff and Barbara - rather it was for missions.

Our church helps support Jeff and Barbara as we give
each month through the Cooperative Program. That
includes medical coverage for traffic accidents. The
Benin Baptists knew that, for Jeff and Barbara, the most
encouraging thing they could do was support missions
for which Jeff and Barbara have committed their lives.

Today let's ask for continued healing and future safety
for Jeff and Barbara as they serve in the Congo. And
let's ask the Lord to guide and nurture the new missions
commitment of Baptists in Benin. Let's pray that many
thousands will come to Christ in both countries!

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