In All Things Pray

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Walker Holland
Central Asia

Today for our prayer time we are going to one of those countries in Central Asia that we cannot name. And we will pray for one of our missionaries we will call Walker Holland, though that is not his real name. In the country we're talking about, being a Christian is dangerous. Believers living in villages are often lonely because fellowship is risky.

But Southern Baptists sent this missionary there because that's where God called him. And our church supports him there through our Cooperative Program giving.

One of Walker's rewards for serving in this distant land is that he gets to work with some very strong believers - they dare to share the Gospel despite the risk of persecution. Two believers he works with we'll call Azamat and Samar. They get up every morning before sunrise and pray for hours. When they hear of new Christians who need discipleship, they go with Walker to teach and lead. When they visited one couple, Walker was able to share the Gospel with the wife's sister and lead her to faith in Christ as well.

As we celebrate Christmas in a few days, let's be thankful that we're helping to share the best gift of all - salvation - with people in that land in Central Asia.

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