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Michael and JuliAn Domke

Today for our prayer time, let's think about what it means to be
a missionary.

A missionary shares the gospel with lost people, right? So he must
talk to lost people. In the United States, it's usually easy to talk to
people in a grocery store or the post office.

That's not true for our missionaries we want to pray for today.
Michael and JuliaAn Domke serve in Ukraine, a country in Eastern
Europe. They say the culture here is "cold." They don't mean the
weather. They mean people in Ukraine are not friendly to people
they don't know. So, how do you get to know people in Ukraine?
Michael and JuliAn host an English club in their home. They call it
English4Life. They talk about many topics, then tell what the Bible
teaches. This lets them share their faith in Christ.

It works! They have had up to 50 people in their home at once.
Most have never heard about a personal faith in Christ.
Our church supports Michael and JuliaAn way over in Ukraine
through our Cooperative Program giving.

Let's pray for them now - that they will reach many for Christ!

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